Beginning a new chapter


It’s been quite some time since I have written on this blog, but better late than never, right?

The reason I am picking up the pen again (matter of speaking) is that I want to dedicate this blog to my new project, that is vegetarian low carb eating.

After deciding a few days ago that enough was enough, and that I wanted my previous body back, the one I had almost three years ago, I had to face the truth: the only thing that has worked for me so far was a low carb diet. As I said, a few years ago, I had already experimented with it. The problem is that after a few months of high levels of energy, over the top enthusiasm and sheer happiness derived mostly from my new ability to wear every item of clothing I owned and looking like a “cover girl” (quote from my friends) it blew in my face. It blew so hard it’s been two years since I have tried to get that body back, with little or no success.


Here are a few reasons why it blew in my face:

– after following the Atkins induction meal plan for more than three weeks, I felt like I needed to stick even longer to the I-only-eat-eggs-and-tomatoes phase to be even skinnier. I didn’t realize how skinny I had got, or better yet, having realized it, I didn’t had enough and didn’t had any clue on how to eat “normally” without putting on the weigh again. Typical first trial error and typical weight loss problem: how to know when to stop and how to maintain.

– after eating only eggs and cheese and tomatoes for quite a long time, I couldn’t see an egg in the face and decided that if I wanted to stay skinny, I had to drop the vegetarianism and start to eat poultry. That didn’t work out very well. After a while, looking back and feeling ashamed of myself I read on vegetarian and vegan literature and became a strict vegan. That went well for a while, but I spent so much time indulging in carbs cravings that I gained even more than I had lost. I’ve been on the roller coaster ever since. Mistake number two : while having strong will power can get you far, variety is key to get you the furthest.

– the lack of variety led to another shortcoming, the worse one: after the first month, still feeling amazing, I started craving stuff I don’t even usually eat, let alone include in my “normal” diet, like pancakes, muffins, bread, pasta, desserts and so on. So I spent a fortune on low-carb substitutes that of course made me feel miserable and prevented me from seeing the big picture: this diet plan – or lifestyle plan – isn’t designed to be a short fix, it is a great tool to actually reconnect with food and be sensible about it, all the while maintaining a slim figure. I, who had always loved fruits and especially vegetables, found myself almost completely cutting them out of my diet to replace them with cheese and flax seed cupcakes. Those are actually good, but in moderation.

So there it is, the goal this time, and I am more determined than even to be slim again and have lots of energy (I weigh about 63 kilos for 169 cm, the lowest during the first low carb attempt was 53kg, but I’ll happily settle for 55). This blog is to measure my progress and invent or try vegetarian low carb recipes that will satisfy the tastebuds and help me (and you, I hope!) shed those pounds.

My induction phase starts today, and will last until the 24th of February. Until then, I will post only Induction friendly recipes, and then we’ll see how it goes.

I really hope you’ll enjoy it and join in, or at least find some inspiration!

Feel free to post in the comments,




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