My favorite breakfast & Chocolate muffin recipe!


Just a quick word before I (finally) start working on my dissertation this morning.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything, and since this is primarily a food blog, I will start by listing all the stuff I’ve made in the past month to give you an idea of what’s ahead:

– A scrumptious veggie and cheese lasagna.

– Cumin bread

– Chocolate muffins (below)

– Coco pancakes

– Morning frittata

All of those are of course low carb and induction friendly. I’ll be posting the recipes real soon, with photos! (The first time I’ve made those dishes I ate them so quickly I didn’t even have time to make pictures!)

Today, I just wanted to share a powerful though I had a few days back: it’s been a month now since I’ve started a low carb lifestyle again, and though I’ve lost a few pounds, I felt that I wasn’t loosing fast enough, at least not as fast as I was the first time around. I spent hours searching the Internet and reading forum posts trying to figure out why my weight-loss wasn’t as powerful as I has been in the past, stressing and wondering what I should do to get things moving. Then I took a step back, so to speak, and found the answer:

I had to be my own coach.

Often, when we are faced with a problem, we try to find answers anywhere but in ourselves. If we don’t lose weight the way we want to, we might look at other people’s diets and exercise plans, comparing and trying to decide what we should be doing. If the work we’re doing isn’t yielding the results we want, we often try to find excuses and end up pampering ourselves instead of taking a hard look at what we are doing and figuring out the problem. It is usually very difficult to do something if we don’t have the inspiration, or if no one is supporting you and telling what to do.

Well, if that’s the case, you have to be your own coach.

I though, what if I were to coach someone back to their ideal weight? What would I tell them to do? Would I encourage them to sit on their ass for hours at a time glued to their computer screen? Would I encourage them to indulge in “frankenfood” everyday, or even a few times a week? Would I tell them it’s okay to skip the gym because, well, they’ve read somewhere that working out might “slow the weight-loss process”?

No. I would tell them that they need to commit to a fitness program. I would tell them that eating low-carb is not trying to trick yourself with sweet low-carb foods, but instead nourish your body with fresh, local grown, real-tasting foods that are, in the end, much better for your health as well as for your wallet. I would tell them that if they want something done, well, they need to do it, and start right now!

So, for breakfast, on weekdays, I will have an omelet, and an intense workout at the gym, and some meditation, and, last but not least, ten minutes of writing down the things I have to do during the day.

And my inner coach will always be battling with the little voice that’s full of excuses and doubt, but my inner coach will always be right, because when I’m at the gym early in the morning, and run on the treadmill like I have monsters chasing me, I feel like a superhero discovering his inner power. Because when we spend our day on the couch, or at a desk, without moving a bit, we find it tremendously hard to believe that we can run fast, and lift weights, and commit to writing for three or four hours straight, until we try.

So listen to your inner coach, and for your next birthday party, try these chocolate low carb muffins:


Before giving you the recipe, I have to say it was a work in process for several days. At first, I wanted to make chocolate pancakes with some Sunwarrior protein powder I had left, but they didn’t turned as good as I hoped, so I kept adding stuff and finally they turned out to be muffins (you never know!)

What you’ll need:

– one or two scoops of chocolate protein powder (you can skip it if you don’t have it on hand, just be sure to add some stevia drops to your preparation).

– half a cup coconut flour (coconut flour is full of fiber, so be sure to add some exra liquid)

– 1/3 cup unsweetened chocolate powder ( or a bit more, if you don’t use the protein powder).

– half a stick of butter, melted.

– 1 cup and a half of liquid heavy cream.

– 1/2 cup erythritol

– 1 teaspoon baking powder

– a pinch of salt

– 3 large eggs, room temperature (if you keep your eggs in the fridge, just put them in warm water for a few minutes before using them)

– a pinch of cinnamon (optional).

Whisk the wet ingredients first in a medium bowl (eggs, cream and melted butter), then add the salt and the erythritol. In another bowl, whisk together the protein powder with the coconut flour and the baking powder. Mix all together, pour into muffin tins and bake for 20 minutes at 150 C°.

If the mix is too thick, add some water, until you reach the desired consistency, that is of a traditional chocolate cake batter. You’ll want the muffins to be soft inside.

You’ll get 12 mini chocolate cakes that you can freeze or share!

Here are the nutrition facts with the protein powder:

nutrition facts muffins

And here without:

Nutrition facts muffins 2

Enjoy and leave comments!


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