Living on the edge

Something I have written two years ago but that sounds true to me now as well.



What if this day is the last day of my life?

Yesterday, I drifted off to sleep with this thought in my head. As much as any person checking his or her e-mails, Facebook or twitter account every day, I am constantly surrounded by more than needed voices of advice, of so-called wisdom and truth about life, virtual voices that not only thrive by telling those who hear them what to do but also pushing people – and myself amongst them – to the edge. “Seize the day”, “The best time to do anything is NOW”, “Experience life like there is no tomorrow”, “Today is the day” are affirmations we hear here and there, more often here than there: these are all true, and the advice that comes along – to live life to the fullest – is also a good advice. The problem is, when we realize the time we…

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