2016 (non)resolution

Goodness, it’s been so long.

Last time I had something to write about on this blog was just before my birthday, on November 2nd, 2015. I wanted to recap all the things I wanted to leave behind me in the 26th year of my life, and all those I wanted to bring with me in my 27th.

One of those things consisted in not waisting anymore time and doing things in an efficient and productive way. A “said and done” kind of mantra I wanted to implement right after my birthday.

The irony of it all is ever so full of wisdom.

There are, of course, some things I want to leave in the past, where they belong. In the year 26th as well as in the year 2015.

The feeling of imperfection and inadequacy.

The constant worrying.

The internal belief (and source of enormous stress) that if I try hard enough, I can change people and make people be what I think they ought to be (because I know better, obviously).

The things I want to bring with me in the new year are things that wouldn’t exist if I didn’t have those flaws to begin with. Overcoming your own shortcomings is, I believe, the very best part of being alive as a human being.

So, what I want to do in the next year is simple:

Let things be. (Let my life unfold the way it should, let others live, eat, drink, move or not move the way they want to, let my students figure out their own shortcomings for themselves and make them better for it, etc.)

Be the change. (Go to the gym if I want a perkier butt, which I know I’ll get as soon as I start to train regularly; Finish my PhD, which I know I can do if I write regularly; Inspire my students by being myself and always seeking to be better at what I do, etc.)

There are lots of other small stuff, that said out loud sounds much easier to achieve than these two mostly psychological goals. Eating less carbs and ditching industrial sugar, going to the gym at least every other day, sleeping at night, writing every day, going outside, ditching Facebook, etc. etc.

Those are means, and some of them are useful. The thing is to implement all new habits one at a time. Take them as they come. Step by step.

This will be a great year, I’m sure of it.

Happy 2016 to everyone!



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